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SUPPLY :PIPES, FLANGES, FITTING, VALVES (http://www.metalsutility.com)

We have the most extensive Material Supply chrome alloy,
low temp Carbon Steel High Yield Strength, heavy wall Thickness.
Combine this with stainless steelDuplex Super Duplex and nickel alloyin Pipes and Pipe Components.
Even when your project demands rare steel parts for high pressure
high temperature, highly corrosive conditions, you can count on Metal Utility Co., Ltd.

Website : www.metalsutility.com (http://www.metalsutility.com)

Contact Us.
Tel. : 080-289-2395 (คุณศิโรดม สุทธิธรรม)
Line id : metalutility
E-mail : sirodom@metalsutility.com (http://sirodom@metalsutility.com)

FLANGE CL. 1500# RF/RTJ (http://www.metalsutility.com),FLANGE ASTM A182 F22 (http://www.metalsutility.com),Grit Blast Sa2.5 (http://www.metalsutility.com),DUPLEX UNS S31803 (http://www.metalsutility.com),ORIFICE FLANGE (http://www.metalsutility.com),SPECTACLE BLIND A516-70 (http://www.metalsutility.com)

(http://upic.me/i/t7/flangecl.1500rfrtj.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474371)

(http://upic.me/i/z9/flangeastma182f22.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474372)

(http://upic.me/i/x0/gritblastsa2.5.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474373)

(http://upic.me/i/d8/duplexunss31803.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474374)

(http://upic.me/i/bg/orificeflange.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474375)

(http://upic.me/i/1f/spectacleblinda516-70.jpg) (http://upic.me/show/62474376)